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TJ's Music is primarily a home-based setup and repair facility, based on T.J.’s many years as a luthier and working musician. Quick turnaround of repairs, quality work with the best of parts has made T.J.’s work stand out in the community. The fact is that all working musicians need their equipment in good working condition, with the best parts available and a minimum of “down-time”. The answer is simple, take it to T.J.!
Honesty, Quick Turnaround, The Best Parts And Quality Service!
TJ’s is an authorized dealer for many suppliers like Seymour Duncan, Lindy Fralin, TV Jones, Electro-Harmonix, Allparts, KMC, Hanser, TMP Professional and many smaller manufactures in the music industry.
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Fender Tube Amp Repair
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Emergency Guitar Repairs
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Free Pickup & Delivery Within A 10-Mile Radius
Insurance Appraisals On Vintage Gear

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TJ's has flexible hours and is on hand whenever you need help or have a question.