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A lifetime of music .... A focus on the customer's satisfaction .... And passion. 

Passion for music that guarantees you will get the service you expect from someone who wants to help you get where you are going musically.  There's no secret about TJ's interest in helping you, even with keeping your ax or horn looking good with Mr. Slick's Secret instrument polish.

Are you passionate about your music?

T.J. (aka "Trevor James") has been a professional musician for most of his life. His first guitar was purchased for him by his parents when he was in the 7th grade. Several months later that year, he joined forces with some other garage-band musicians and played his first "paying" gig in a small lake-front resort area of Ohio.

From that day forward..."Music" was in the blood. T.J. began to buy, sell, trade and upgrade equipment and continue to play in bands through high school, college and still continues to be involved in live classic rock, r&b and blues. His love of vintage instruments has grown from that first guitar as well. The passion for instruments became so overwhelming that he had to open his first shop in 1994 with former partner Pete Robinson. The shop was located in Maumee, Ohio and successful for approximately seven years. Although still friends, the two split up the business in June of 2001 and in December of the same year, T.J. moved the operation to Chandler, Arizona, the current location of "T.J.'s Music."

T.J.'s passion for the Gibson ES-335 has been termed somewhat "fanatical" to say the least. But more so, his passion is dealing both new and vintage musical instruments the "old fashioned way" a friendly, interested and professional manner that caters to the serious professional musician, as well as those who are just discovering...all that music has to offer.


T.J.'s Music is a full-line store, specializing in vintage guitars, amps and drums. We buy, sell and trade vintage instruments at "fair" market prices. Is Uncle Charlie's old drumset taking up space in the basement? Perhaps that old electric or acoustic guitar that's under the bed is in the way! We can turn them into "cash!" Call us for a "fair" market price. We can also locate many of the instruments that people seek for their collections or just want to play on stage. If you're looking for something, don't hesitate to ask us to look for it.

T.J.'s has new instruments as well as very clean, previously owned late-model guitars, amps, drums and horns. Quite often people are amazed at the good condition of the previously-owned instruments from makers such as Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Martin, Danelectro, Hagstrom, Guild, EKO, Epiphone, Mosrite, Silvertone, Mesa Boogie, Ampeg, Ludwig, Rogers, Slingerland, Camco, Selmer, Gemeinhart, King and many others.

Our lines include Cort, Dr. Z, Seymour Duncan and many other used and vintage guitars and amps.. We also stock many hard-to-find, vintage parts and accessories and can order many brands of horns and orchestral stringed instruments.

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